Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kris Allen, The Ultimate Interview, part two

In the second part of this four-part interview with winner Kris Allen, the "American Idol" winner talks about auditioning for the show and the experience of using the bathroom in between Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson.

LAT: When did you start watching “American Idol”?

KA: My wife and I don’t have a TV, so it was hard to keep up. But I was living with my mom last year around the time they were down to the Top Five of Season Seven and I started watching. And once you start watching “American Idol,” you really get into it. I didn’t know if I cared who won. It was interesting to watch and see what everyone was going to do. It’s a great show. And it catches you.

LAT: Had you seen some episodes here and there before that?

KA: I had. I started watching Season Six. A friend made it to Hollywood but didn’t go any further. His name was Sean Michel and it was cool to watch someone like him. He’s got this beard that’s down to here and long, long hair. An amazing voice though, and he kind of wowed people. It was cool to see someone from Arkansas make it to Hollywood.

LAT: Did you get a chance to talk to him about his experience?

KA: Yes, we did a couple shows together.

LAT: Were you encouraged or discouraged to audition after talking to Sean?

KA: I don’t know if it encouraged me. It was cool to hear someone from Arkansas being a singer/songwriter and doing his thing to make it a little bit on the show. When I think about it, it is inspiring to have someone like him who is very different have success on the show.

LAT: When did you decide to audition for “Idol”?

KA: My brother wanted to audition and he said I should come with him. I didn’t have anything else to do. This was in July of ’08. Me and my friend [Cale Mills] and my brother were just going to have a road trip. We got to Louisville and there were 12,000 people standing outside and we were the very last ones to pull up. I think we were the very last ones to sign up as well. It was intimidating.

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