Monday, September 7, 2009

Matt Giraud's dreams come true as he and fellow American Idols rock Grand Rapids

Though Adam Lambert undoubtedly set the crowd at Van Andel Arena ablaze Sunday night, and Kris Allen was superb, a near full house had already experienced the highlight of the "American Idol" live tour: Watching West Michigan's own Matt Giraud's dreams come true.

Giraud, who had noted in an interview earlier in the day that the night's performance was to be "one of the biggest nights of my life," must have been gratified by the crowd's uncorked response to his presence. As Mattie G tore into the Black Crow's "Hard to Handle" with zeal unseen on the show, it was clear he definitely lit the audience's "candles" in a big way.

"I used to play across the street, at the B.O.B," he said, grinning at thousands of fans in a packed arena.

His vocal high-bar routine on "Georgia" was impressive; he's a gifted impresario. The 24-year-old got a little emotional during the song, perhaps catching the eye of a loved one, or just feeling the embrace of the "hometown" crowd.

Giraud doffed his jaunty signature porkpie hat to play and sing The Fray's "You Found Me." Take that, Simon Cowell (the Idol judge scorned Giraud's pick of that song on the show). He sounded fabulous, and throughout his all-too-short three-song set displayed that indefinable snap, crackle and pop that all stars have.

Along with a much-improved Scott MacIntyre, Giraud also did dueling piano duty couple of times throughout the show.

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