Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kris Allen & Adam Lambert talk about Michael Jackson

"His voice was just one of a kind," Adam Lambert said. "No one else sounds like him. Furthermore, the visual stuff he brought to the table was so groundbreaking and edgy and ahead of its time, in a way. There wasn't anyone else really going out there like that."

Lambert added that the King of Pop broke barriers. "He defied sexuality and race in a way that no one else has," he said. "He wasn't openly masculine or feminine. He was kind of somewhere in the middle in this androgynous space and at some point he was like, 'Black or white, it doesn't matter.' There were a lot of things he straddled the line of, and I think that was really cool."

"He was the most influential musical person that I had in my life," Kris Allen said. "On the artist side of things, everything that he did was just so right." "Every album that he did, it hit you in a way that just made you feel good. It made you feel him and feel his music. He was a genius, a complete genius."

from Marc Malkin,

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